September 2022
Vrijdag 30 september
Oktober 2022
Zaterdag 8 oktober
Woensdag 19 oktober
Donderdag 20 oktober

Met als gastspreker; Dr. van der Houwen

Dinsdag 25 oktober
Woensdag 26 oktober

Met als gastsprekers dr. Laurens van Boven en dr. Marieke Verberg

November 2022
Dinsdag 1 november

Gastsprekers: Gynaecologen dr. L. van Hanegem en dr. S. Broer, Kindergynaecoloog dr. J. van leeuwen en Jane Wijbers gastvrouw Endometriose Stichting

Donderdag 10 november

met als gastsprekers, gynaecoloog dr. Dana Huppelschoten, Prof dr. Huib van Vliet

Donderdag 24 november

Met als gastsprekers gynaecoloog dr. Ellen Klinkert en Diëtiste Linda Swart.

Dinsdag 29 november

gastsprekers, Prof. Dr. Mijatovic (gynaecoloog Endometriosecentrum) en Jane Wijbers (diëtist i.o. & psychosociaal ondersteuner en leefstijlcoach)

Mei 2023
Woensdag 3 mei
t/m 06-05-2023

It is a huge honour for us to take over as joint presidents of the 15th World Congress on Endometriosis to be held in Edinburgh from 3 to 6 May in 2023. WCE2021 was an outstanding conference – too many excellent lectures and presentations to pick out any for a special mention. We wholeheartedly congratulate Sun Wei Guo, Cong-Jian Xi, Lone Hummelshoj, Neil Johnson, Luk Rombauts, and colleagues – and in particular the young WES board – for delivering such a successful online meeting in the circumstances; we have heard nothing but positive comments about it. WCE2021 is going to be a hard act to follow but we have assembled a diverse and committed WCE2023 organising committee, who we are confident will have learnt from all of the positive aspects of this virtual meeting to enable us to deliver a hybrid (largely face-to-face) meeting in Edinburgh in 2023 that will appeal to and be accessible to everyone with an interest in endometriosis.